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Individual Sandwich

Served on Brown or White bread 

Chedder Cheese, Egg Mayo, Salad, Ham, Turkey, Beef or Tuna Mayo

Add pickle, mayo or salad at no extra cost

Sandwich, Crisps and a Drink £4.00

Sandwich, Fruit and a Drink £4.50

Individual Salad Meal

Choose From:
Cheddar Cheese, Avocado, Egg Mayo,  Ham, Turkey, Beef or Tuna Mayo

All served with mixed salad, Brown or White bread

One of the above £6.50

add 50p per extra portion

Make it a Meal

Salad, Crisps and a Drink £7.50

Salad, Fruit and a Drink £8.00

Food Allergies & Intolerances


Talk to our staff about your requirements before ordering.

All our food is freshley prepared so you can avoid food you're unable to eat.

Food Hygiene Rating 5 Stars

Single Breakfasts

Piece Of Fruit


Jug Of Orange Juice
Tea & Coffee with Biscuits
Tea & Coffee with Cakes Selection
Tea & Coffee with Cream or Jam Scones
Tea & Coffee with Welsh Cakes
Unlimited Tea/Coffee